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Moor and Swamps

Healing powers just outside the town: the marsh lands

Bad Zwischenahn is a nationally recognized moor health spa.

Throughout thousands of years of development, the healing moor was more or less right in front of the town. The ancient powers of nature are herein used for medical treatments. The wellness clinic offers therapies against rheumatic pains, especially attrition of the supporting- and movement organs, tensions, female pains or psoriasis through moor baths and moor packages. In general, the moor has a temperature between 39 and 41 degrees Celsius. The ‘Marshland Ground Station’ offers information on the development of the moor. Here the individual layers of the moor are visible on a freshly sliced block of moor. An information board shows the exact age of each layer and important events of history.

A guided visit through the moor

Walking through the moor can be scary…

The bus will take you from the Spa Center (parking area wave-pool) to the moor. At the end of the Hermann Loens Strasse, a hiking path takes you on a 1.5 kilometer guided tour through the wonderful natural landscape of the Kayhauser Moor. Members of the homeland community association will explain in detail the moor dismantling of the Kayhauser Moor, the gamete of the Bad Zwischenahn Spa. They will also present the re-waterlogging and the bog body of the Kayhauser boy, as well as the new established ‘Marshland Ground Station’ in the Ammerland, which is unique in Lower-Saxony, and where one can see the traditional moor dismantling, dating back 10,000 years in time. In addition to that, we stylishly celebrate the Ammerland spoon drink and enjoy home baked ‘sod of peat’.

For registration and more inquiries please refer to the tourist information at (+49) 4403 - 61159.
Minimum 15 Persons

Price 7.00 € per Person

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