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Bad Zwischenahn – Lake Bad Zwischenahn

The pearl of the Ammerland is Lake Bad Zwischenahn

Lake Bad Zwischenahn deserves by all means the appreciation as ‘Pearl of the Ammerland’.
This third largest inland lake is embedded in a wonderful natural landscape, and is a popular destination for guests and visitors. 526ha of water are also an Eldorado for watersports. The Lake has a depth of up to five meters. The bottom is covered with a meter-high sludge layer. Its name relates back to Northern German language. Therefore, the North Sea is more considered an ‘Ocean’ in German language terms, and rather not a ‘Sea’.

But, more interesting is the cause and emergence of Lake Bad Zwischenahn. Apart from being mentioned in various legends, and rather seen more from a scientific point of view, the Lake was created by a collapse of a massive salt stock which reached to the surface caused by a salt solution.
Salt structures are typically for the underground in Lower-Saxony, as the northern region of Germany was an isolated ocean basin, millions of years ago, out of which the water evaporated due to the warmer climate.

But, back to the present days, and to the surface. Water activists are happy to find an attractive area, although motor driven boats are generally prohibited on the water. For cruising on the water, a registration plaque is mandatory, and requires a fixed moorage. In order to preserve water birds from October through March, traffic on the Lake is suspended throughout winter.

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