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Eight reasons for choosing your individual holiday-room

1. Looking for inspiration:That’s why we are there: We offer the appropriate accommodation, matching your temper, your secret wishes, and your purse. We are the professionals, and you are our special guest.2. Looking for challenges:You should be looking for challenges. Only then will your vacation turn into something extraordinary. We offer various tips, give advice and make proposals for enjoying your time in Bad Zwischenahn. Be it from the dancing evening via the shopping experience to the smoked-bacon and smoort-eel.3. Looking for adventures:Then you are absolutely at the right address: we have laid exciting tracks through the Park Region, arranged cruises across the lake, and are prepared for your visit in the Park of the Gardens. Just pick up the trails and follow. We will be happy to assist.4. Getting married:Congratulations on having found your very special person! We have the appropriate ambience for you at hand for your wedding ceremony, the festivity, the dinner and the wedding-night. You may also spend your honeymoon with us. We will name a top-event for you to visit.5. Loving Rhododendrons:Then you are not by yourself – in May and June, our rhodos we be in full color. This must be seen. The variety, the colors, as well as the indescribable indulgence of wandering through the rows of rhododendrons will flourish your soul. Bring your friends along and book now before it’s too late.6. Sunday shopping:Rest, take your time and look around our shops, which will be open on selected dates also on Sundays. We are a small shopping paradise, and you are our special customer. 7. Culture:We are very much concerned in getting well recognized art exhibitions into town, present TV-stars and organize concerts for free. Thus, this is not a must: If you are lodging somewhere slightly remote, near Lake Bad Zwischenahn and would like to enjoy nature, we will certainly find something appropriate. 8. Looking 10 years younger:Wellness and health have a high priority. Our offers are focused on that. You know best what’s good for your body. This is exactly what we will take into consideration while caring for you. Body and soul will be served as best as possible.

Your room is waiting for you

Finally, holidays are here! Our hoteliers have already prepared your bed. The bandwidth of our offers is at your disposal – from the noble hotel, many of them at reasonable prices, up to the cozy Hotel Garni.
Guesthouses offer family connection if you wish. These are small houses, offering guest rooms by local lessors, who will be happy to answer your questions. Our lessors are very helpful and they know their way around. This vacation has a very special and local charm. Surprise yourself. Should you still be uncertain about your next dream-weekend or your next annual holidays, here you can find advice.

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