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Food & Drink in Bad Zwischenahn

Bad Zwischenahn has a rich gastronomic scene. It reaches from the high-class Chefs’ preparations via traditional and cozy restaurants to small snack bars. Nevertheless, the traditional food has local significance in the cuisines of Bad Zwischenahn. A traditional dish consists of an Ammerland eel, which you should not miss. For centuries, eels have been caught and smoked in the region. The specialty about the Ammerland eel is, that it is skinned and eaten by hand, served with a savory Ammerland black-bread, and a freshly tapped beer, and a so-called “Loeffeltrunk”, which is Schnaps served in a spoon. Another recommendation is our tasty Ammerland-bacon. Characteristic for our bacon is its strong red-colored meat and its special mildness, which is obtained through careful salting by hand. During autumn, many people from the Ammerland and Oldenburg are awaiting the first day of frost. This traditional day in November is the kick-off for the kale season.

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