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Hiking Region Ammerland

Hiking and walking tracks also lead through Bad Zwischenahn
The Ammerland Park Region hasn’t been known as a hiking region so far. Many paved smaller roads, in connection with the cultivated areas of the nursery gardens have led to the fact that the Ammerland has established itself as the ideal ‘green’ cycling region. However, the route around Lake Bad Zwischenahn has been known to nature lovers for decades. This showed us, that even a flat landscape can be highly interesting for wanderes and promenaders. Therefore, we have worked on small hiking routes in coordination with the County of Ammerland. So far, four hiking routes were labeled anti clockwise. White letters are signposted on a yellow 8 by 8 centimeter background.
Routes which lead through Bad Zwischenahn with additional information can be downloaded.
The Aue way
The Moor way
For individual tour planning, please refer to the tour planer guide. Enjoy your planning!

The Aue way

The Aue way in Bad Zwischenahn extends 7.5 kilometers and leads out of the center of the Bad Zwischenahn along the meadows of the Aue into the village of Specken. The track along the narrow-gauge railway takes you through the natural resort Wiesengrund and back into the center of town.

Sign postings: White A on yellow ground
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[Translate to Englisch:] Der Moorweg in Bad Zwischenahn

The Moor Route in Bad Zwischenahn
This route leads to the station Moor in the Kayhausermoor to the finding place of the bog body, which is displayed in the Natural Museum in Oldenburg, and into the conservation area Engelsmeer. Along the route, you can see where the moor which is used in Spa Clinic for moor treatments derives from.

Sign postings: White B on yellow ground
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