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Travelling through Eastern Frisia on one Euro

Our service for overnight guests in the region between Ems and Jade: Trips with a chauffeur – travelling by bus for only one Euro. Hop on and off at more than 4,900 bus stops, or use approximately 220 different bus lines for your discovery tours. How about going to the North Sea or to Emden, Leer of Wittmund for a shopping tour? The holiday tariff of only 1 Euro per direction and person is valid on all bus lines of the Ems-Jade Transportation Cooperative (Counties of Aurich, Frisia, Leer and Wittmund, as well as the towns of Emden and Wilhelmshaven), and also in the county of Ammerland throughout the year daily. The tariff offer is not valid on the day of the departure or arrival. Groups larger than 10 persons are requested to apply in beforehand. Additional information will kindly be given by the service team of the Ems-Jade Transportation Cooperation at phone (+49) 4941 – 93377. Here you will also be directed to the websites of the holiday-bus.

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